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Women want to feel special! The beauty they feel on the inside, wants to be expressed on the outside.

Women want things that make them feel good about themselves: comfortable, well-made foundations as well as sometimes sexy, bras and panties. Women want a well-edited selection of brands, styles and fit…and a size offering that is inclusive of most women. And lastly, women want to shop in a warm, intimate environment with spacious, cozy fitting rooms, a friendly staff and great music.

Welcome to Zovo…

Zovo was created to meet the foundation needs and fashion desires of women like you and me…in a warm, spacious environment filled with product from the world’s premier brands of intimate apparel and other indulgences. At Zovo you will always be welcomed by a friendly, knowledgeable staff of fit artists whom have been trained to properly fit bras. We also understand how to accentuate your natural essence. Zovo is the place to dress and pamper the unique beauty that lives within you…and I am delighted to provide this experience for you. 

I am Victoria Roberts, I work at Zovo…the intimate apparel retail company I founded in 2005 to help women of all sizes and shapes feel great about themselves. and I am passionate about making authentic, meaningful and lasting connections with people. Nothing makes me happier than helping women realize that beauty comes from within. I love listening and helping women of all ages find their essence. The energy I get from these encounters renews me every day.

We are primarily a women’s bra store, but when a woman comes into Zovo and we engage for the first time, a process of transformation’s as if a dance happens. We learn from each other, we laugh, we share stories, and we find connections. Once we’ve established trust, she becomes my muse. My efforts are all about her, and uniquely for her. I understand women as if I’m walking in their heels because at my life stage, it’s likely that I have.

One of the first things I tell my team of fit artists is that every woman deserves to leave our store feeling better about herself from her Zovo experience...whether she’s purchased anything or not.

In retail, we are in a unique position to touch people’s lives and make them better in some way. Many women new to the Zovo experience have heard about us and their first visit is just to check us out. This is where the trust begins. If they had a positive experience just looking, it’s more likely they will come back when they’re ready to get into the dressing room.

I promise, your dressing room experience at Zovo will be surprisingly delightful.  Welcome to Zovo!

As always, be good to yourself and others,

Victoria Roberts,